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Why study Italian at UC Davis: student perspectives

Benvenute e benvenuti! The following link is to share videos that represent the varied backgrounds and interests of undergraduate students pursuing a major or minor at UC Davis.

These videos are the products of conversations of students in the Italian department which, as you can see, eliminated the pressure and overwhelming professionalism of typical interviews to create a more relaxed and honest environment in which they discussed the experience of pursuing an Italian degree.

The benefits of supplementing a major with a language have been foregrounded by the students’ passion for Italian and specifically the Italian department at UC Davis,which offers intensive interdisciplinary work across courses, study abroad opportunities in Florence and Rome, an unmatched faculty, and many ways to get a head-start with the major or minor–starting as early as high school if you take the AP Exam.

From a student triple majoring to one pursuing medical school, below are various videos outlining why you should major in Italian and how it has benefited the students’ studies.

Enjoy the vision!

A special thank to Daisy Ament, Italian peer adviser 2017-2018