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“A chef’s love affair with Italy” with Cathy Whims on Nov 20th

An intimate conversation with award nominee Cathy Whims about the intricacies and simplicity of Italian food.

About this event

Chef Cathy Whims is an icon in the Portland food scene. She studied with Marcella Hazan and the very founder of Slow Food, Carlo Petrini, was present at the inauguration of one of her restaurants, Nostrana. She is a six-time James Beard “Best Chef: Pacific Northwest” finalist and winner of the coveted 2011 “Leccio d’Oro Osteria Prize” instituted by the Brunello Consortium of Montalcino. Additionally, she is one of two Oregon chefs who are part of the White House Diplomatic Corps of Chefs and an activist in the GMO labeling campaign.

A channeler of the soul, psyche, and techniques of Italy, Chef Cathy Whims is a master of inventive regional Italian cuisine. Her many personal relationships with farmers and ranchers in the Pacific Northwest give her access to top quality ingredients, allowing her food to reflect the best of both the region and the season, in true Italian spirit. An attentive observer of Italian food traditions, at her three restaurants— the flagship Nostrana, urban pizza and cocktail spot Oven & Shaker, and her modern wine bar Enoteca Nostrana — Whims’ elemental regional Italian cooking is the result of maximum-quality ingredients and humble authentic Italian-cooking techniques which she learned in her numerous trips to Italy.

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