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vado verso dove vengo


IAHF HALL – 425 N 4TH ST, SAN JOSE, CA 95112

5:00-6:15 Documentary Screening
6:15-6:45 Post- screening discussion
Light refreshments

Free and open to the public

An event presented at The Italian American Heritage Foundation with the support of The Italian Cultural Institute of San Francisco and The Leonardo da Vinci Society. 
Post-screening discussion with the director, project manager Antonino Imbesi and art director writer Luigi Vitelli.
Discussion led by Evelyn Ferraro from Santa Clara University and Laura E. Ruberto from Berkely City College.

Join Luigi Vitelli and Antonio Imbesi as they present their documentary Vado Verso Dove Vengo and the video installation entitled I’m Going Where I Come From. Both works investigate and compose, from an anthropological point of view, passages from personal stories of Lucanians who emigrated abroad (both old and new emigration), and put them in relation with the stories of those who remain in Basilicata, to make the two communities recognized in a practice of choral construction of new meanings of their places of origin.

Luigi Vitelli, Art director and author of the documentary movie Vado Verso Dove Vengo
Born in 1980. Graduated in Conservation of Cultural Heritage. He is a project designer and manager for the European programs in the field of enhancement and promotion of cultural heritage, tourism, and social innovation. Art director and author of projects focused on territory narration, documentary movie, storytelling design for the museums.

Antonino Imbesi, General administrator of the documentary Vado Verso Dove Vengo
Born in 1969. He is a general director and project manager for many projects in the field of European programs. He is a CEO of Go Desk, the hub for start-up and co-working.

Nicola Ragone, Film director of the documentary Vado Verso Dove Vengo
Born in 1986. He is a Screenwriter, theater, film and opera director. He directed the short film Sonderkommando (2014), selected in 120 international festivals and winner of 50 awards, including Nastro D’argento (Italian film critic award) for Best Short Film 2015.