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Italian Language Teachers’ Fourth Annual Workshop At The University Of Southern California “(Re)imagining Italy: The Culture We Teach Our Students” Saturday, October 12, 2019

When we teach Italian basic language, culture and language are inseparable. However, what we decide to teach our students about culture can be any number of things and is always changing.  Canonical art, literature, music, food, social issues, politics, migration and the everyday are just some of the myriad of topics.  However, when we consider the aspects of culture that we share with our students these days some questions arise:  Is this Italy?  Is this all of Italy?  Is this ultimately the Italy that we want to share with our students?  As importantly, is this the Italy that attracts the next generation of students and inspires them to continue their study of the language. 

This workshop encourages participants to reflect on the culture that they share with their students in Italian Basic Language.  What topics, what issues, what facets of Italy do we teach?  What topics do we teach that are less commonly taught?  What topics would we like to teach to convey a more meaningful Italy to our students?  Is it time for a paradigm shift in the selection of topics we share with our students?

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2019 Keynote Speaker

The Keynote Speaker of the 2019 Italian Language Teacher’s Workshop will be Beppe Cavatorta, Associate Professor of Italian at the University of Arizona, and President of AATI.


Abstract Proposal Deadline: August 15, 2019

About ILT

This annual workshop at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles is an occasion for Italian language instructors from Southern California and beyond to come together to discuss teaching Italian at the novice and/or intermediate levels and topics related to the discipline.  We designed this conference with the intention that participants will exchange materials such as actual lesson plans, activities, short video-clips of themselves interacting with their students, language acquisition technologies, materials, best practices, and strategies that they incorporate in their classrooms.  Our hope is that all participants in this workshop will walk away with ideas and materials that they can immediately implement in their courses and will have the opportunity to make real connections with other Italian basic language professionals in their field.

Organized by USC in collaboration with the IIC, on the occasion of the Week of Italian Language in the World.


Date: October 12, 2019

Organized by: University of Southern California, Los Angeles

In collaboration with: Italian Institute of Culture, Los Angeles

Entrance: With fee

Where: Taper Hall, USC, Los Angeles