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UniSalento 4talents – 2022/23

The Unisalento4Talents Programme is an initiative developed within the framework of the University of Salento’s internationalisation policies and aimed at increasing the number of international students.

The call for applications is therefore aimed at all international students who enrol in the 2022/2023 academic year as full-time students on two-year Master’s degree courses at the University of Salento. In the context of this Call, by International Student is meant any EU student (excluding any Italian citizen) and non-EU student residing abroad who has obtained a qualification valid for access to his/her chosen Master’s degree course in an institution outside the Italian system. Simultaneous enrolment at more than one Italian or foreign university, or at university and equivalent institution, or on different courses at the same university is prohibited.

In the context of this Call, enrolment means only the first year of enrolment in the first year of a Master’s degree course. Enrolment in years subsequent to the first or transitions and transfers is not considered enrolment.

With the Unisalento4Talents Call 2022, 25 scholarships will be awarded to international students who intend to enrol on the following Master’s degree courses taught in English:

Scholarships with accommodation in a residence in the proximity of the Ecotekne Campus:

Scholarships with accommodation at the ISBEM- Ex Convento dei Cappuccino di Mesagne (in the proximity of the of the relevant Department)


Selected students will be entitled to the following benefits:

  • Exemption from university fees and charges (* The regional government of Puglia may require that successful candidates pay the regional ADISU tax and the relevant stamp duty);
  • Free single or double room accommodation from the beginning of the first semester of the academic year 2022/2023;
  • Free Italian language course at the Centro Linguistico di Ateneo (University Language Centre);
  • Assistance from the staff of the UniSalento Welcome Office in dealing with administrative procedures and with the integration of the student into university life.