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Tiburon Film Festival; Nov 11-17 2022

The Tiburon International Film Festival (TIFF) is an annual event, which seeks to provide a greater understanding of the world and its many cultures through the artistic medium of film, and through the top quality films from around the world. TIFF wishes to enhance tolerance between people of all backgrounds. Its goal is one of cultural enrichment and heightened cultural awareness, and to create a platform for independent filmmakers to express their talent and vision from any nation. TIFF strongly believes in its motto: Understanding the World through Film(®.

When: November 11-17, 2022
Where: 6 Beach Road, 544 – Tiburon, CA 94920

Below, the huge list of Italian productions for this year, with links for info and ticketing. Buona visione!

  1. Epoche – Suspension (Epoché – Sospensione)
  2. What You Are Looking For (Quello Che Cerchi)
  3. The Third Lion (IL Terzo Leone)
  4. Mother Viper
  5. Sister Smile (Suor Sorriso)
  6. Giovani
  7. Nazca
  8. Mozambique Where Film Goes (Mozambico Dove Va Il Cinema)
  9. The Gift (IL Dono)
  10. Stressz
  11. Nunzia
  12. Goodbye Antonio
  13. Being 30 (I nostri 30 anni)
  14. Candy Viola (Viola fondente)
  15. Island (L’ Isola)
  16. Playgirl
  17. Through the Eyes of Another (Gli occhi dell’altro)
  18. Three Days of Anarchy (Tre Giorni D’Anarchia)
  19. My Brother’s Summer (L’estate di mio fratello)
  20. They Are Playing Over the Towers (I sona su la Torns)
  21. Children of “Rome, Open City”
  22. Marcello, A Sweet Life
  23. Towards the Moon with Fellini
  24. Shooting Silvio
  25. The Destination (La Destinazione)
  26. A Secret Life with Fidel
  27. +39
  28. Ballerina
  29. Refugium Peccatorum
  30. L’Abbuffata
  31. Cover Boy: The Last Revolution
  32. Like The Shadow (Come l’Ombra)
  33. Retreating (La Ritirata)
  34. Gio
  35. The Tournament (Il Torneo)
  36. The First Day of Winter (Il Primo Giorno D’inverno)
  37. One of the Last (Uno Degli Ultimi)
  38. Above the Clouds (Sopra Le Nuvole)
  39. Beket
  40. Velma
  41. The Referee (Luca Pusceddu)
  42. Soul Walking (I Passi Dell’anima)
  43. I’ll Tell On You! (IO PARLO! )
  44. Zulu Meets Jazz
  45. Wine’s Rocks (Rupi Del Vino)
  46. Overbooking
  47. Lighthearted Boy
  48. War (Uerra)
  49. My Last Day at War
  50. Sergio Leone: The Way I See Things
  51. The Duck Hunter
  52. My Tomorrow (IL Mio Domani)
  53. 41
  54. Where What is Within
  55. Apartment in Athens
  56. On the Way Home
  57. Passannante
  58. Letters to Madras
  59. The Last Leaf (L’ultima foglia)
  60. The Mother (La Madre)
  61. The Room (La Stanza)
  62. – Bertolucci on Bertolucci
  63. Magic World
  64. Bollicine
  65. I Met You Tomorrow
  66. Europia
  67. Sara Bellissimo
  68. The Isle of Medea
  69. Hotel Gagarin
  70. As Time Goes By
  71. The Vacation (La Vacanza)
  72. Inner Front
  73. The Ardour of the Shy
  74. A Summer with Joe, Liz & Richard