Take Action!

Action is needed to bolster and reinvigorate Italian language instruction in our communities. This is an appeal to all Italians, Italian-Americans, Italophiles and Americans who see the great educational potential of Italian for themselves and their kids. Let’s pool our efforts! image

What are our objectives? We would love to see Italian flourish, from pre-schools to PhD programs, as well as in adult education classes. Every educational step is dependent on the other. We need thriving Italian-International schools with IB programs and honors Italian courses in high schools — especially magnet schools with a specialization in foreign languages. We need Italian AP exams taken in high schools, more Italian minors and majors in top colleges and universities, PhD programs in Italian Studies, as well as the grassroots availability of Italian courses for adults in every town.

Long Term Goal: Let us raise awareness about Italian as a great opportunity for careers and personal growth (#WeLoveItalian)

Let us communicate our enthusiasm for Italian, at all levels and with all our social media clout. Let us advocate for the introduction of new Italian programs. School principals, PTAs, young students – let’s communicate to them the transformational power of Italian!

Did an article on this website inspire you? Consider sharing it on your social networks and letting the world know that you too love Italian. Use the hashtag #WeLoveItalian on Twitter so we can coordinate our efforts. Reach out to bloggers you may know and ask if they might join our chorus or allow you to guest post. Perhaps you have connections to traditional media; those are important too! Together we can light a fire of awareness.


Medium Term Goal: Let us boost the number of Italian AP test takers.

As you know, AP exams are offered by the U.S. College Board, certifying a proficiency in different disciplines. For these exams to be offered, certain enrollment for each subject must be met annually. If this number is not reached, the exam is discarded.

In  2016, we reached  2774 Italian AP Exams nationwide! This is a great success. Thanks to a collective effort the AP Italian Language and Culture can now be maintained.

However we have to keep the numbers!

Immediate Goal: Let us adopt Italian language AP Students!

Now, you can immediately support students of Italian who have a great chance to take the AP test, yet lack the means to do so. You can also support teachers who have to prepare these students for theItalian AP exam, since AP teacher training requires financial resources that schools and school districts cannot at present afford. More information on how to support AP Italian  is available at sanfrancisco.education@esteri.it and at the San Francisco COMITES

Together, we can make Italian thrive. Avanti!