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Summer residence for foreign translators in Italian language – 2023

Fondazione Ugo Da Como – Lonato del Garda (Brescia)

Competition announcement for the selection of candidates


Fondazione Ugo Da Como – – founded with Royal Decree in 1942, it is a private institution with headquarters in Lonato del Garda (Brescia); 

the statutory purpose of the Foundation is “to promote and encourage the studies, inspiring the interest in the young people” and explicates its activity, taking care of the conservation of the historic, book, archival and artistic collections, as well as the remarkable monumental architectural heritage;

the Foundation and Centro per il libro e la lettura (Centre for Book and Reading) – – independent institute of Ministero della Cultura (MiC – the Ministry of Culture), regulated by the Direzione Generale Biblioteche e diritto d’autore (General Management of Libraries and Copyright), they have subscribed an agreement with the aim of encouraging the translation of the Italian book abroad, in order to promote the translation of contemporary literature, with reference to the translation from Italian language into German, English and French languages and with special reference to Italian essay writing;

prefaced all this, the Foundation conveys what follows

Art. 1

The competition announcement is launched for the assignment of number 6 positions for German, English and French mother tongue translators, number 2 positions for each of the above-mentioned languages, for a monthly stay during July 2023 at Fondazione Ugo Da Como, which will put its facilities at the translators disposal: the library, the archives and will guarantee board and lodging to all the translators. Travel costs and every kind of personal costs are not expected to be refunded.

Art. 2

In order to take part to the competition announcement the following requirements are demanded:

  • Being German, English or French mother tongue;
  • Owning a publishing contract for the translation of an Italian essayistic work in the own mother tongue language or an ongoing translation project. 

Art. 3

The participation applications drafted in Italian language on plain paper and bringing the declaration of holding the requirement mentioned in the Art. 2, must be sent by email to Fondazione Ugo Da Como  by and no later than 31st March 2023 at 6 p.m. (9 a.m. Pacific Time), fulfilled with the following documents:

  • Curriculum vitae equipped with the printed translations list
  • Publishing contract or letter of publishing precontract for the translation of an Italian literature work into German, English or French languages;
  • Translation project of an essayistic Italian work
  • Copy of Identity Card.

Art. 4

Candidacies applications will be evaluated by an examining Commission appointed by the Foundation after the deadline of the competition announcement.

Candidacies which regularly arrive, will be evaluated according to the following parameters:

  • Curriculum vitae and published translations of the candidate – highest score 50/100;
  • Relevance of the Italian author or of the subject of the translation project – highest score 20/100;
  • Translation project of an Italian literature work into German, English and French languages – highest score 20/100
  • Precontract letter of publishing agreement or contract for the translation of an Italian literature work (preferably essay writing) into a foreign language – highest score 10/100.

The candidates will be suitable if they achieve at least 70/100 points.

In case there are not at least 2 (two) suitable candidates for one or more foreign languages, the candidates will be chosen in order of score, regardless the linguistic origin.

At the conclusion of the assessments the Commission will draw up a memorandum concerning the rankings; then the names of the recipients of the available places for the residence will be conveyed at the incontestable discretion of the Commission.

The announcement will be disseminated, broadcasted through the communication channels of Foundation and Cepell which include Embassies, Italian Consulates and Italian Cultural Institutes.

Art. 5

The recipient candidates must be available during the residence period to take part to public meetings (collateral events with writers, journalists, publishers, intellectuals) concerning the cultural activities of Fondazione Ugo Da Como and Centro per il libro e la lettura.

Art. 6

In accordance with the legislative Decree 196/2003 (privacy code) and the Guidelines (UE) 2016/679 the candidates’ personal data will be collected at the Fondazione Ugo Da Como and will be processed only according to the aims of the selection process and to the relationship with the recipient. The involved party has the right to access to his/her own data and to update, to correct, to complete and to ask their cancellation, as well as the right to take position against the processing of personal data for unlawful reasons.

Deadline for candidacy submission: April 30, 2023, h. 9:00 am Pacific Time

Contact email for submission: