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Why Choose to Study Italian?


Learn specifically how Italian


Creates Career Opportunities

Makes You Stand Out

Is Beautiful and Fun

Forms a Bridge to Italian Heritage

Complements Spanish and French Speakers


Some background…

Italian is a language adored the world over for its profundity of history, expression and beauty. It is a national — nay, international — treasure that contributes radically to world cultural heritage. Sixty million people may speak it, but billions are touched by it daily, whether they are singing a capella, complaining of a fiasco or enjoying a cappuccino. For linguists, it is living Latin. For romantics, it is the language of Opera and love. For tourists, it is a passport into the deepest dimensions of the bel paese.

Choosing a second language to study is a difficult choice for both parents and children. The stakes are high: if the right choice is made, a students career potential is enhanced, as well as his or her ability to acquire a solid cultural experience which will build capacity of dealing with the multifaceted challenges of today’s world.

When it gets down to choosing a foreign language, parents are naturally inclined to think of widely spoken languages. “More people to talk to, the higher the chances of a good job”, they may think. That’s a fair enough line of reasoning. But consider this: often the best opportunities are in underserved market segmentsHR managers are struggling to fill positions that involve Italian because not enough Americans have the these skills.

Italy for Americans presents one such opportunity and the Italian language is the highway to taking full advantage of it.

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