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Useful links for learning Italian

Teaching Material – Publishers and resources (fees apply)

Alma Edizioni

Officina Alma Edizioni


Studio Arcobaleno

Arcobaleno Italian Language

italiano digitale edizioni edilingua

Edizioni Farinelli

Zanichelli Publisher for foreign students
Presents its manuals of Italian language for foreign students and offers free online interactive lexicon and grammar exercises.

Online Workbooks – blogs and resources (free)

Zanichelli publisher for foreign students

The blog dedicated to Italian language and culture, it offers new articles every week, exercises and activities, didactic materials and Web links.

Il Grande portale della lingua Italiana

Cantieri d’Italia
Elementary Italian to build your citizenship. Born from the cooperation between Rai Educational, Ministry of the Interior and European Union, is a course of Italian as a second language that consists in 40 episodes, offered online too, that helps learning easily grammar and lexicon, introduces rights and duties and explains how to access to services and opportunities. Everything explained through funny sketches about everyday life in Italy.

Esercizi Zanichelli

Free resources for teaching Italian as a foreign Language

Maestro Roberto resources and links

Come Italiani. Ideas for teaching Italian as Foreign language

Irre Toscana. Teaching materials for kids and adults

Centro Studi Italiani

Quintessential Instructional Archive

Un Tuffo nell’Azzurro
blog that offers teaching material fo Italian as a foreign language and Italian as a second language, with informations and articles about Italian language and culture useful for teachers, students and to all those who love Italy!

BBC Learn Italian

In Italia

Italy and Italian in a website dedicated to foreigners by Rai Educational in collaboration with MIUR. Already Online the episodes broadcasted on TV and all the activities, summary tabs of grammar and a guide about knowledge of Italian territory.

40 Italian Lessons for immigrants

Learn Italian-Videos

Learn Italian videos, with different difficulty levels, each one with a final questionnaire, to gain/develop skills of understanding Italian through watching and listening to videos.

Multimedia course to learn Italian

Italiano Lingua due

Italiano Facile Venezia

Official Blog of Accademia del Giglio

Oneworld Italiano

Grammatica Italiana


Blog for Spanish speakers who want to learn Italian

Parliamo Italiano


Radio Dante

Online workbook with 6 different difficulty levels, from A1 to C2. Automatic correction of the exercices, no subscription needed, evaluation based on correct answers.


MatDid Teaching materials for courses of Italian language and culture for foreigners. Inside the website, there is a collection of tests and exercises for every level. These exercises can be done online or printed and used with foreign students.

Italian Language Guide

Pronunciation, grammar, lexicon, elements of Italian culture, tests, in a synthesis dedicated to anglophones students who want to learn Italian.

Italiano elledue

Esercizi di grammatica italiana – Ejercicios de gramática italiana – Italienische Grammatikübungen – Exercices de grammaire italienne – Italian grammar exercises

For teachers – Practice Community

Rivista di Glottodidattica dell’Italiano e newsletters

Social Network University for foreigners of Perugia

University for foreigner of Perugia’s social network, to share teaching materials and teching experiences in Italian as a second language.


ILSA cultural association of teachers of Italian as a second language who work in educational institutions, public and private. It provides training and refresher courses to teachers who work in multilingual and multicultural classrooms, both in public and private schools and other educational contexts.

LEND-Lingua e Nuova Didattica

Teaching Material for Institutes of Culture abroad

Ideas, strategies and activities to stimulate a foreign Italian learner

TV media

RAI shows with subtitles
Programs from Italy’s national broadcaster online with subtitles in Italian
TV programs online from La7 commercial station

Video Mediaset Snack TV
Clips from programs of the Mediaset TV channels: Italia 1, Rete 4, La 5

EuroNews in Italian. The Italian version of the news channel produced by a consortium of European channels

TG1, Tg2, TG3, TG4, TG5, TG La7
Telegiornali, TV news bulletins, from each of the TV channels
TG La7

Italian Radios streaming

Radio Italia
Radio Globo
RTL 102.5
Latte e miele
Radio Deejay
Radio Dimensione Suono
Radio Rock
Radio 105
Virgin Radio

Radio Uno
Radio Due
Radio Tre
Radio 24
Radio Radicale
Radio Popolare

Certifications Italian Language

DITALS Certificazione di Competenza in Didattica dell’Italiano a Stranieri

DILS Perugia Certificazione di primo livello in Didattica dell’Italiano Lingua Straniera.

CEDILS Certificazione in didattica dell’italiano a stranieri

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