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Start an Italian Program in your School

Did you know that the Italian Government may offer grants to public and private schools ready to start (or expand) Italian programs in their K-12 curriculum? Have you thought of applying for a grant for your school for the upcoming school year?

GRANT APPLICATION PERIOD: Spring  (February – April every year)

The Italian Government partners with local non profit associations that manage and distribute grants to k-12 schools.

K-12 schools located in Northern California, Washington, Utah, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, Alaska, Hawaii apply for grants to the Italian Cultural Society in Sacramento.  Download Application Form

K-12 schools located in Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada apply for grants to Fondazione Italia in Los Angeles.    Download Application Form 

K-12 schools located in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Arkansas apply for grants to Italian Cultural & Community Center in Houston .

Who can apply? Public and private not-for profit k-12 schools  offering or intending to offer Italian during the school day , or as an elective course in the 2016/2017 school year. Please note that a grant cannot be awarded for fee-based after school programs.

What can the funds be used for? Grant funds may be applied towards the Italian teacher or teaching assistant pay, or to purchase Italian books/didactic materials needed for the program.

What is the approval process?:
A grant review committee composed of representatives from the not for profit associations and the Consulate of Italy will review each application on a case- by- case basis. A degree of financial participation by the school is expected, especially if you are a continuing school. Funding will only be given to schools that offer Italian to their students during the school day or as an elective class. Grant amounts vary from $500 to $20,000 and are subject to availability of funds from the government of Italy. The review committee reserves the right to award the grants at their discretion.

What is the grant summary report?:
Grant recipient schools are required to submit a grant summary report of how they spent their grant funds by June 30 of each year if the grant funds are used towards the teacher’s pay, or by December 3 if the funds are used to purchase books/didactic materials. the funds must be  used in compliance with the terms of the grant.