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Schools where your children can study Italian in the Western United States (SF, LA, HOU)

WHERE TO STUDY ITALIAN – KIDS & STUDENTS North California South California Georgia Idaho Nevada New Mexico Oregon Texas Utah Washington State   NORTH CALIFORNIA SOUTH CALIFORNIA SCHOOLS (K-8) SCHOOLS (K-8) Clarendon Elementary School, San Francisco La casa giocosa, Beverly Hills [P] La Scuola International School, San Francisco [P] SCUOLA PARITARIA ITALIANA Hilltop Middle School, […]

Study in the States

AP Italian Language & Culture Information page

  Ap Italian Language and Culture Course Home Page The AP Italian Language and Culture Exam Exam Description  Exam Practice  Exam Question Index Preparing  for the AP Italian Language and Culture if you are a homeschooler (online/hybrid) AP Italian Language and Culture Teacher Community   This AP Teacher Community is a professional learning network connecting AP […]

Study in the States

Useful links for learning Italian

Teaching Material – Publishers and resources (fees apply) Alma Edizioni Officina Alma Edizioni AlmaTV Studio Arcobaleno Arcobaleno Italian Language italiano digitale edizioni edilingua Edizioni Farinelli Zanichelli Publisher for foreign students Presents its manuals of Italian language for foreign students and offers free online interactive lexicon and grammar exercises. Online Workbooks – blogs and resources (free) […]

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Start an Italian Program in your School

Did you know that the Italian Government may offer grants to public and private schools ready to start (or expand) Italian programs in their K-12 curriculum? Have you thought of applying for a grant for your school for the upcoming school year? GRANT APPLICATION PERIOD: Spring  (February – April every year) The Italian Government partners with local […]

Study in the States

Why Choose to Study Italian?

Learn specifically how Italian ••• Creates Career Opportunities Makes You Stand Out Is Beautiful and Fun Forms a Bridge to Italian Heritage Complements Spanish and French Speakers ••• Some background… Italian is a language adored the world over for its profundity of history, expression and beauty. It is a national — nay, international — treasure that contributes radically […]