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Universal dialogues: the Pantheon – May 25 at the IIC SF

MAY 25 | 6:30 PM
Architect Gabriella Musto, Director of the Pantheon – Basilica of Santa Maria and Martyres – Ministry of Culture, will present a lesson on ArtCentrica‘s innovative methodologies applied to the Roman Pantheon.

In her presentation, Architect Musto will take us on a journey through the most fascinating narrative paths regarding this seminal monument, which managed to defeat time, remaining perennially relevant and universally loved, to the point of representing an unsurpassed architectural icon.

From France to America passing through England, many architects have been inspired by the Pantheon, to the point that its central plan and all its compositional and decorative styles have become a real canon of the taste never really surpassed.

ArtCentrica provides professors and teachers an innovative tool that can support and improve lessons in a simple and engaging way, at the same time allowing students to actively study art compared to traditional teaching methods.