“Paint & Speak” Italian Art & Language Workshop – Burbank and Los Angeles, April 14th & May 12th

You are invited to experience a “Paint & Speak” Italian art workshop led by expert Italian artist and language teacher Ylenia Mino. Ylenia will guide you through the creation of a painting while teaching you new vocabulary words and phrases with the goal of enriching your Italian language skills through the artistic medium of painting. The goal of this workshop is use the artistic medium of painting and creativity to augment a student’s Italian language skills.

In an artistic/linguistic environment, children tend to be more focused, learn quicker and gain excellent developmental benefits including increased self-confidence, enhanced creativity and awareness of their abilities. Students will explore their creativity while learning Italian! This workshop is intended for all proficiency levels including absolute beginners. English will be spoken only if needed as Ylenia guides each student in the creation of a wonderful painting.
West LA Language Center – Kids
Saturday, April 14
2:30 pm – 3: 30 pm
Burbank Language Center – Kids
Saturday, May 12
3:30 pm – 4:30 pm
Burbank Language Center – Adults
Saturday, May 12
5:00 pm – 6:30 pm
(fee includes art materials)