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Beginning Italian Online: Summer courses at University of Oregon

The Global Studies  (Italian Studies Program) at the University of Oregon is offering online Italian Language and Culture courses that cover one year of instruction from June 26 to September 2, 2023, taught by expert instructors. Upon successful completion of Ital 104-105, the students can continue with 2nd year Italian at UO starting in the fall. Ital 201 at the UO is offered in face-to-face and hybrid formats.

After completing Ital 201-203, students can continue with lower division courses of Italian starting in the fall and consider adding an undergraduate major or minor in Italian, as well as a major in Romance Languages.

Here are some FAQS on UO Summer Italian Online:

1. Are students required to have prior background in Italian to take these courses?
There is no prior knowledge required for Ital 104. The pre-requisite for Ital 105 is Ital 104, Ital 102 or equivalent. 

2. Are the courses 100 percent online?
Yes, they are 100% online. The instructors will finalize the syllabus early spring term, in case anyone would like to have access to it.

3. Would proctored exams or coming to UO campus be required at all? 
There won’t be proctored exams. All assessment is done using Canvas tools such as quizzes, pages, discussions with the addition of some external web-based tools which will be specified later in the course.

For more information on these courses, you can visit social networks pages @uoitalian ( Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook)
or email to:
Gerardo Pisacane;
Giacomo Frazzetta;