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Italian Language Teachers’ II Annual Workshop at the University of Southern California “From Best Practices to Best Lessons” Oct. 21, 2017


The Department of French and Italian announces the Italian Language Teachers’ Second Annual Workshop at the University of Southern California “From Best Practices to Best Lessons” in Los Angeles, CA   Saturday, October 21, 2017

Planning, identifying learning goals and objectives, time constraints, sequencing, differentiating instruction based on student needs, assessment, creativity, gathering and creating materials, keeping up with departmental syllabi, sizing up the audience, working with large or small numbers of students, working with all types of students, improvisation and energy…

Basic language instructors often talk about best practices. But what really goes into what we consider to be our very best lessons as elementary and intermediate teachers of Italian?

Each presenter at this year’s workshop will begin by engaging the audience in a ten-minute activity from one of his or her best lessons.  A twenty-minute question and answer will follow, allowing the participant and audience to share ideas, best practices and strategies for what goes into the very best lessons.

-All presentations (in English or Italian) should address the needs of novice and/or intermediate students of Italian.

-Activities from lessons should include typical novice and/or intermediate topics.

-Abstract should include a brief description of unit to provide context and lesson description, and activity (300 words with title)

Proposal submission deadline: May 12, 2017

The Keynote Speaker of the 2017 Italian Language Teacher’s Workshop will be Elissa Tognozzi, Senior Lecturer SOE of Italian and Director of the Language Program at the University of California, Los Angeles.  Her paper title is forth coming.

Please visit USC’s ILT Language Teachers’ Workshop website for more information and to see archival footage/materials from the 2016 workshop “Culture in a Communicative Classroom” at

Please send abstracts to Alessio Filippi and James M. Fortney at and

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