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Italian Frequency Radio presents “Songs against fear”

IF #41

Italian Frequency # 41 presents songs about life! As we slowly prepare to imagine the beginning of a new phase of life for ourselves and the world once we emerge from the emergency of the Covid-19 outbreak, music and songs can inspire us with their wisdom and poetry. Today’s playlist includes singers and songwriters whose words and melodies talk about life and living. It also offers a small tribute to Chilean writer Luis SepĂșlveda, who died two days ago due to complications related to Covid-19, through the love and resistance song, “Gracias a la Vida,” by Chilean singer Violetta Parra (in the Italian version).
Listen here: (hosted in English and Italian -scroll down)

IF #40

Italian Frequency celebrates its 40th show! Songs against fear/Canzoni contro la paura # 3. These are songs Italy has been singing from balconies during this dramatic weeks of Covid-19 outbreak. I asked Italian expats and Italian people in Italy to curate the show with me through social media, by sharing the songs that the country has been singing out loud, along with the songs that bring comfort or that can be interpreted with a new meaning.

Today’s show also presents a couple of Italian songs perfomed by international artists in solidarity with Italy, such as Gilberto Gil and Angel Olsen. And a set inspired by Easter time and any form of rebirth.

Listen here: (Scroll down)