Genoa: Building a New Future from a Grand Historical Heritage


Since the Middle Ages, the Italian port city of Genoa (Genova) has been one of the most important commercial hubs of Europe and the Mediterranean. Both its history and current commitment to innovation make her particularly close to San Francisco – not only because they are both port cities with strong maritime culture and traditions, but because immigrants from Genoa and surrounding Liguria significantly contributed to the growth of San Francisco from the times of the Gold Rush. Their descendants and new professionals from Genoa who live and work in the Bay Area form a large community that still keeps the connection between the two cities alive.
Whether you have Genoese roots, or you are keen on knowing more about this unique city, don’t miss the opportunity to meet the Mayor of Genoa, Marco Doria in person, for a talk about Genoa’s history and what it means for its future.

Aperitivo offered by the Consulate General of Italy in San Francisco, Valet parking available at Opera Plaza Garage
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