“Ellis Island”, the journey of life by M. I. Meta – Dante Alighieri Soc. of Washington

When: April 28, 2021 – 7:30 p.m. PT
 Maurizio Igor Meta
Topic: “Ellis Island”
Location: Online – Zoom (go to https://danteseattle.org/event/italian-language-meeting-april-28-2021/ on April 28th to get the link)

There will be a “social hour” beginning at 7 pm. The presentation will start at 7:30.

“Ellis Island” is the Journey of Life. It is not only a project related to Maurizio Igor Meta’s memory, identity, and to the deep connection with his land and roots, but it is something that affects every human being: it is a Tribute to the Origin, a tribute to that inborn ability of the human being to challenge the unknown. At the Origin of our lives, when we are born, we face that challenge for the first time. Immigrants face it again, taking a “leap in the dark to leap in Life”.

In the Presentation the author will open a time-gate on the late 1800s Italian immigration, he will talk about the origin of the project and how the experience of retracing the steps of his great grandfather turned in artworks, and we will listen to the sound composition of the installation “The first ship” to experience the ocean crossing of our fathers and the many immigrants of that age.

The Speaker: Author and actor, Maurizio Igor Meta works mainly in theatre and in the last few years in art installations. Drama, poetry, sound, video, light and scenography, are some of the means he uses in a dramaturgical composition to create a symbolocal imagery. In November 2015 he sailed by a cargo ship from Naples to New York to retrace the steps of his great grandfather Domenico, who left Italy in the late 1800s to the United States, where he worked, pick and shovel, for the Pennsylvania Railroad. So he started his multidisciplinary project “Ellis Island”, which includes the Journey, the theater Solo with the same title – opened in the Napoli Teatro Festival Italia in July 2017 – the exhibition “On my great grandfather’s steps. Toward Ellis Island” – which includes several installations, as “The first ship”, opened in 2018 at the Madre Museum – a documentary and a book.