Italian Language and Literature

“Facciamo 4 chiacchiere”: online Italian language workshop on Feb 23rd

“Facciamo 4 Chiacchiere”
Italian Language Workshop

Saturday, February 23
9:00 am to 11:00 am PST
$5 off with PROMO05

Join Fondazione Italia online for our “Facciamo Quattro Chiacchiere” or “Let’s Dish” Italian language workshop! In the comfort of your pajamas, while sipping an espresso you will learn a variety of idiomatic verbs, vocabulary and expressions that will make you sound like a ‘local’ the next time you are in Italy! This workshop is geared towards students who possess a low intermediate knowledge of Italian and higher.

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Meet your Teacher!

Lorena Bignamini moved to Los Angeles from Milan, Italy fifteen years ago. Her passion for teaching started when she was a child when her favorite game was not playing ‘house’ as many girls did, but playing ‘teacher’. Lorena has taught Italian to English speakers for many years. She is one of Fondazione Italia’s most fun and experienced teachers. In her classes you will most likely hear her say, “learning Italian might be hard but it should not be boring!” If you want to learn to speak Italian Lorena will get you there with a smile on your face!