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October 18th: A taste of Italian

Istituto Italiano Scuola e Italian Cultural Institute invite you to A TASTE OF ITALIAN. On the occasion of the “Settimana della Lingua Italiana nel Mondo” (Week of the Italian Language), Istituto Italiano Scuola and the Italian Cultural Institute of San Francisco open their doors to all who may be interested in the Italian language and […]

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Italian Language Teachers’ Second Annual Workshop at the University of Southern California “From Best Practices to Best Lessons”

Proposal submission deadline: May 12, 2017 Please send abstracts to Alessio Filippi and James M. Fortney at afilippi@usc.eduand
The Keynote Speaker of the 2017 Italian Language Teacher’s Workshop will be Elissa Tognozzi, Senior Lecturer SOE of Italian and Director of the Language Program at the University of California, Los Angeles. Her paper title is forth coming.

Italian Language and Literature

Useful links for learning Italian (last update: March 18th 2020)

(2020, March) FREE ONLINE RESOURCES RAI Cultura -> sezione “Impariamo l’Italiano” Online material for learning Italian organized in four levels (A1, A2, B1, B2), and by topic and type: docufiction e sketch, video lezioni, attività  One World – Risorse di Italiano online Due corsi di Italiano online completi di video esercizi, grammatica, vocabolario; videocorso […]

Italian Language and Literature

Italian is Easy to Learn for Spanish and French Speakers

Italian is a great complement to Spanish, French and Latin. If you already speak Spanish or French, picking up Italian is quick and easy — and gives you a valuable skill in the global business arena. Phonologically, Spanish and Italian are very similar, so that a Spanish speaking person could effortlessly pronounce Italian. Often times, even without any […]