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Universal dialogues: the Pantheon – May 25 at the IIC SF

MAY 25 | 6:30 PM Architect Gabriella Musto, Director of the Pantheon – Basilica of Santa Maria and Martyres – Ministry of Culture, will present a lesson on ArtCentrica‘s innovative methodologies applied to the Roman Pantheon. In her presentation, Architect Musto will take us on a journey through the most fascinating narrative paths regarding this seminal monument, […]

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Premio “Vivo d’Arte” 2023

Prende il via la quinta edizione del concorso-premio “Vivo d’arte”, organizzato annualmente dal Ministero per gli Affari Esteri e la Cooperazione Internazionale, e dedicato ai giovani artisti italiani residenti all’estero e iscritti all’AIRE. Oggetto del concorso-premio è la creazione di opere originali di teatro, danza e musica incentrate sul tema della contaminazione e dell’incontro con […]

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Leading ladies of the Renaissance – Jan 26

Discover the lives and legacies of some of Italy’s “Renaissance Women” and several unheralded women who inspired some of the greatest artwork of all time. Carla Gambescia explore the evolution of the perceptions of women from antiquity and the Middle Ages through the Renaissance—the inflection point, when our concept of the modern woman began to […]

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ARTCENTRICA brings Art to school

ArtCentrica is an EdTech startup that has created an awarded cloud service that allows to appreciate and learn about over 7,000 artworks from the Uffizi Galleries, Brera Museum, Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York, Art Institute of Chicago, Cleveland Museum of Art, Rijksmuseum, Städel Museum, Central Institute of Graphics in Rome and many more, […]


Contemporarte by Museo Italo-americano, SF – from Sep 29 through Feb 19

EXHIBITORS: • Valerio Adami• Vasco Ascolini• Enrico Baj• Piero Brolis• Paolo Buggiani• Sandro Chia• Francesco Clemente• Lucio Del Pezzo• Bruno Di Bello• Piero Dorazio• Omar Galliani• Giuseppe Gattuso Lo Monte• Renato Guttuso• Nino Longobardi• Alberto Magnelli• Luciano Monti• Mimmo Paladino• Gianfranco Pardi• Giovanni Ragusa• Italo Scanga• Carlo Sismonda• Emilio Tadini• Giuseppe Uncini• Sergio Vacchi• Giuseppe […]


A Look at the Latest Italian Design Trends: Sustainability, Innovation & Emotion – Sep 21st at INNOVIT

A panel discussion featuring leading Italian furniture and textile designers on current design trends and approaches with a focus on sustainability, innovation and emotional impact. Some iconic furniture design samples will also be on display. How is eco-friendly furniture designed and produced? What kinds of recyclable materials can be used? How essential are research and […]


Museo Italo Americano in SF presents the new exhibit (Mar 1 – Sep 11 2022): “Rhapsody”

SERENA BOCCHINOSerena’s lively and lyrical abstract paintingencompasses two decades of artmaking. Her diverse range of artistry explores music’s lyricism, melody, and rhythm through soft and loud abstract imagery, while simultaneously incorporating representational movements analogous to dance. KARA MARIAKara’s work reflects on Earth’s biodiversity crisis and the place of animals in our increasingly unstable environment. She […]

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“Where did all the girls go?” – 04/28 online with Museo Italo-Americano, SF

Illustrated lecture by artist, curator, and instructor Tricia Grame who discusses the evolution of the image of the female body in art and its enduring cultural impact on art history, ancient symbols, female identity, the collective belief systems about women, their prescribed position in society and throughout history.  Tricia Grame is an artist, curator and educator, who […]

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Created in Italy: an aptitude for the impossible

The Italian touring exhibit, Created in Italy – An Aptitude for the Impossible, will make its first overseas appearance at the Italian Cultural Institute of San Francisco, in the new INNOVIT – Italian Innovation and Culture Hub. The exhibit, which focuses on the landscape of Italian industry, features some of the most outstanding examples of new […]