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INNOVIT, Italian Innovation & Cultural Hub has its official website

INNOV.IT brings the best of Italy together – culture, business, technology, and science – in a one-of-a-kind space for global innovation. The result? A unique opportunity for those who are driving Italian innovation to interact with the venture capitalists, startups, universities, R&D centers and policymakers that make Silicon Valley the epicenter of the tech world.  The […]


Contemporarte by Museo Italo-americano, SF – starting Sep 29

EXHIBITORS: • Valerio Adami• Vasco Ascolini• Enrico Baj• Piero Brolis• Paolo Buggiani• Sandro Chia• Francesco Clemente• Lucio Del Pezzo• Bruno Di Bello• Piero Dorazio• Omar Galliani• Giuseppe Gattuso Lo Monte• Renato Guttuso• Nino Longobardi• Alberto Magnelli• Luciano Monti• Mimmo Paladino• Gianfranco Pardi• Giovanni Ragusa• Italo Scanga• Carlo Sismonda• Emilio Tadini• Giuseppe Uncini• Sergio Vacchi• Giuseppe […]

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Italian Film Festival of Marin 2022 – 45th ed., by Lido Cantarutti

October 1-November 5 Dominican University of California, San Raphael20 Olive Avenue, San Rafael, CA 94901 The 2022 Italian Film Festival of Marin celebrates its 45th anniversary with six top comedies and dramas from Italy. With the support of the Italian Cultural Insitute of San Francisco. CHECK OUT THE PROGRAM & BUY TICKETS  SATURDAY, OCTOBER 1, […]

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The Filangieri-Franklin correspondence: a 240 years long discourse between Italy and the US – Hybrid event, Sep 27

Hybrid – UC Berkeley Campus and Zoom Speakers: Amedeo Arena, Full Professor at the Faculty of Law of the University of Naples Federico II; Senior Fellow at the Institute of European Studies at UC Berkeley; Sergio Strozzi, Consul General of Italy in San Francisco; Annamaria Di Giorgio, Director, Italian Cultural Insitute of San Francisco Moderators: […]


A Look at the Latest Italian Design Trends: Sustainability, Innovation & Emotion – Sep 21st at INNOVIT

A panel discussion featuring leading Italian furniture and textile designers on current design trends and approaches with a focus on sustainability, innovation and emotional impact. Some iconic furniture design samples will also be on display. How is eco-friendly furniture designed and produced? What kinds of recyclable materials can be used? How essential are research and […]

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Film festival: homage to Pasolini – Sept 10th at The Castro

Revel in the passion of Pier Paolo Pasolini, who pushed the boundaries of politics, art and sexuality. Five classic films will unspool September 10, the 100th anniversary of Pasolini’s birth. The retrospective will feature a special screening of Pasolini’s Medea starring soprano Maria Callas, and, in celebration of the joint centenaries of San Francisco Opera […]

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Pier Paolo Pasolini corsaire: a zoom presentation with Marco Belpoliti – Sep 1st

On the centenary of his birth, the book Pasolini e il suo doppio (Pasolini and His Double), written by the philosopher Marco Belpoliti, offers a new portrait of Pier Paolo Pasolini. A new collection of Belpoliti’s most important writing on Pasolini, the book follows his artistic and personal journey beginning in the 1960s, when he moved away […]


Museo Italo Americano in SF presents the new exhibit (Mar 1 – Sep 11 2022): “Rhapsody”

SERENA BOCCHINOSerena’s lively and lyrical abstract paintingencompasses two decades of artmaking. Her diverse range of artistry explores music’s lyricism, melody, and rhythm through soft and loud abstract imagery, while simultaneously incorporating representational movements analogous to dance. KARA MARIAKara’s work reflects on Earth’s biodiversity crisis and the place of animals in our increasingly unstable environment. She […]

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The “third way”: why being an Italian-American is so important – Jul 28

The Museo joins Il Cenacolo for their “Speaker Series” featuring Italian journalist Elena Frigenti. Italian-Americans are a beautiful mix of two cultures that complete each other in an amazing way. Elena Frigenti, an Italian journalist based in New York and the founder of “Franky in New York” (, a non-profit organization aimed at deepening the bonds […]