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EduOpen: MOOCs EU-Italian Style Italian Universities offering Courses for Free

EduOpen is a network of qualified academic institutions offering university-level courses. Course attendance is always free and open to everyone and attendees can obtain various qualifications: Attendance Certificate, Verified Certificate or formal University Credits (Italian CFUs or ECTS).

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Domus Academy Global Design. International Experience and a WASC accredited BA

Global Design BA Degree in Interior Architecture and Design is targeted on candidates with a High School diploma or equivalent, minimum GPA levels, statement of purpose and English language proficiency. WASC*- accredited Bachelor of Arts Degree will be awarded to students meeting graduation requirements.

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AP Italian Language & Culture Information page

  Ap Italian Language and Culture Course Home Page The AP Italian Language and Culture Exam Exam Description  Exam Practice  Exam Question Index Preparing  for the AP Italian Language and Culture if you are a homeschooler (online/hybrid) AP Italian Language and Culture Teacher Community   This AP Teacher Community is a professional learning network connecting AP […]

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Why Choose to Study Italian?

Learn specifically how Italian ••• Creates Career Opportunities Makes You Stand Out Is Beautiful and Fun Forms a Bridge to Italian Heritage Complements Spanish and French Speakers ••• Some background… Italian is a language adored the world over for its profundity of history, expression and beauty. It is a national — nay, international — treasure that contributes radically […]