Adopt an Italian-Language Student Campaign Starts Strong


The campaign to “Adopt an Italian-Language Student” started with a bang last Saturday at the Italian Cultural Institute (IIC) in San Francisco. For quite some time AP training opportunities on the West Coast have been scarce. It was high time for the teachers of Italian of the Bay Area to be paid a most welcome visit by two famous College Board AP Exam expert trainers: Bruna P. Boyle, University of Rhode Island, and Lucrezia G. Lindia from Eastchester High School NYC.

Over 20 teachers of Italian and a number of Italian parents gathered at the IIC for a workshop entitled, “AP Italian Language & Culture Exam: Strategies & Techniques that will help students become successful Italian AP students.”


The two outstanding AP readers and experts accepted the invitation of the Education Office to come and offer a dynamic and interactive workshop to analyze the structure of the AP Italian Exam format and to teach Italian culture through a thematic approach using films and authentic materials.

Half of the day was spent analyzing, evaluating and grading written materials from past AP Italian exam editions. Teachers engaged in comparing and justifying their evaluations.


Thanks to Valeria Barbero, Amelia Antonucci and Leonora Di Mauro, leading the task force of the Observatory of the AP Italian, San Francisco chapter, for having successfully reached out to newly arrived Generation X and Y Italian-Italian teachers, and for organizing the coffee break & refreshments.

I am also extremely grateful to Patrizia Cinquini and Tonia Prencipe, the Directors of our Ente Gestore in Sacramento, for offering scholarships to AP students, and for their long standing, strong commitment to the integration of Italian programs in public and private schools of Northern California.