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ARTCENTRICA brings Art to school

ArtCentrica is an EdTech startup that has created an awarded cloud service that allows to appreciate and learn about over 7,000 artworks from the Uffizi Galleries, Brera Museum, Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York, Art Institute of Chicago, Cleveland Museum of Art, Rijksmuseum, Städel Museum, Central Institute of Graphics in Rome and many more, through ultra-high-resolution images and associated metadata.
ArtCentrica provides professors and teachers an innovative tool that can support and improve lessons in a simple and engaging way. At the same time, it allows students to study Art actively, compared to traditional teaching methods.
You can virtually measure an artwork, compare two artworks, zoom in Gigapixel images, discover correlations between details of one artwork and other works/details, create thematic paths, and use the over 20 lessons in the application or create new ones.

With ArtCentrica you can:

view details in very high resolution
access textual information on the artworks
compare artworks
 search for similar elements to create learning paths
 make virtual measurements 
search by timeline
access to customized lessons
create lessons with annotation tool
discover artworks in the interactive geographical map

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