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“Italian identities”: screening and Q&A with Italian director and activist Amin Nour

Screening and discussion with Italian director, actor and activist Amin Nour about identity in Italy.

About this Event

Amin Nour is a member of the Black Italian film collective in Rome. He is the director of two films on racism, Ambaradan (2017) and Indovina chi ti porto a cena (Guess who I bring you for dinner), winner of the MigrArti 2018 competition of the Ministero dei Beni Culturali,

Indovina chi ti porto a cena, is a picturesque journey drawn from a real story and transformed into a comedy. It is an ironic portrait of everyday life showing the complexity of diversity and growing up in today’s Rome emphasizing the dimension of language as a vehicle for breaking down prejudices and stereotypes.

Amin is also the founder of NIBI, Neri Italiani Black Italian.

This event is kindly sponsored by Dr. Kathi Ketcheson.

Kathi Ketcheson, PhD, is a research professor and director of the research and planning office at Portland State University, where she has served for more than 35 years. Dr. Ketcheson has traveled extensively in Italy, directed a student exchange program with the University of Bologna, and supports Italian cultural activities in Portland, Oregon. She is a past-president of the Portland Bologna Sister City Association. As well as being a student of Italian, Dr. Ketcheson has taught evening language classes to the community for the past twelve years. She is proud to support the efforts of Italian Studies at PSU to bring Italian language, culture, and history to Portland and beyond.

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