Study in Italy

Access to Italy’s Undergrad and Grad Programs in Universities, Fine Art Academies and Conservatories


Access to Italy’s undergraduate and graduate programs is a multi-step process:

1. Choose a Program    Have a Look Around in Italy

2. Contact the university’s International admissions, check their admission criteria, send them a preview of your education credentials and curriculum taken so as to have a provisional evaluation of your eligibilty to apply and access the program of your choice.

Note: If you are applying to a public university (government-funded) and you hold a US or non-EU passport, check the number of seats  allocated to non-EU students for AY 2017 2018.   You can apply to ONE public university only. If you choose a private university, you can apply to more than one. If you wish to apply to a public Music Conservatorio, or to a public Academy of Fine Arts, check the number of seats allocated to non-EU students for AY 2017 2018.

3. Verify your eligibility for enrollment. (if you have been awarded a High School Diploma in the US and wish to apply for an undergraduate program in Italy, in subjects relevant to the undergraduate program you are planning to enrol )

4. Pre-enroll through the Education Office of the Consulate General of Italy

4. Get your education credentials legalized (i.e. secure a Dichiarazione di Valore (statement of value) for your degrees/diplomas )

5. Get a formal provisional acceptance letter from the University

After you have secured a provisional acceptance letter from the University, you may proceed to apply for a long stay National study visa.


7. Fly out to Italy after you have received your passport with the Visa and the university letter of acceptance with the Consular stamp.

8. Finalize your enrollment at the university’s registrar Office.

9. Within 8 days of your arrival in Italy:

  • Ask the International Student Office of your University where to file for a Permit of Stay.
  • When applying for a Permit of Stay bring: 1. Passport with your stamped visa, 2. original certificate of enrollment stamped by the Consulate.

10. Start classes.