Career Food Study in Italy

University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo UNISG


Gastronomes are a new type of food professional with an in-depth understanding of the entire web of food production, from agriculture to processing to distribution. Paying particular environmental and sustainability issues, these leaders understand how to connect food processes to both economic and communication systems, as well as the relationships within food and wine tourism, high-quality product marketing, and the promotion of regional food traditions.

UNISG graduates work in a wide range of businesses, from large-scale agrifood production to small-scale and artisanal enterprises, such as wineries, local retailers, and specialty shops. Gastronomes are also active in the tourism sector, training, and NGOs. They hold positions in communications, marketing, and management, as well as in journalism, sales, and food production. A small number of alumni work for family businesses, while a growing percentage become entrepreneurs, often based on a project developed during their time at university.

Whether employee or owner, family business heir or start-up entrepreneur, UNISG gastronomes all share the desire to move towards a delicious and sustainable future for food, dreaming up, speaking about, and building the new culture of gastronomy.


The University offers the following programs: